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Hello hello!! welcome to my website!! i use this site for my ocs, show my art , and talk aboutanything intresting going on in my life at the moment!! please navigate using the sidebar on the left, and if you like my website, please let me know by Commenting on my guestbook!


March 29, 2024- now u can comment on my games lol :3 (yes im gonna be adding more games by tommorow so stay tuned)

March 20, 2024- just added a new oc!! go check the ocs page :3

March 9, 2024- this website is finnaly finished! you can now explore completley withought that dumb 404 message

Febuary 25, 2024- added games!!! go check em out!!!

Febuary 20, 2024- AA sorry about the lack of updates!! cotton candy's page has just been made public!! enjoy!

Febuary 11, 2024- new blog post !!

January 25, 2024- new art page is out!!!

January 18, 2024- added 3 new oc pages!!! only 7 more to go :3

January 10, 2024- added two new shrines! one for sylveon, and one for lazytown! pls go check it out!!!

January 8, 2024- added the blog page!

January 6, 2024- added more links to the shrines page!

December 27, 2023- Shrines page is now up!

December 27, 2023- added the links page!

December 25, 2023- autoplaying music, new button!

December 24, 2023- new layout......again.


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I do not consent of my code being copied or stolen. if youd like to find similar graphics, head to the links page! please do not take graphics from this website