Age: 16
Favorite food: Asida
Favorite VideoGames: Five Nights at Freddy's, littlest pet shop (gameoft) animal jam, moshi monsters, cookie run kingdom
Favorite colour: pink, purple, green
Favorite shows: Lazy Town, littlest pet shop, MLP, Block 13
Favorite Movies: Into the spiderverse, Puss in boots: the last wish, Home, My little pony the movie, The captain underpants movie, the lego movie
☆ About me!!! ☆

hello!! my name is mimi!! im just a 16 year old girl who likes to be weird. i come from libya and i speak arabic and english!! i like to talk about my many hyperfixations too X3 i am very very very very VERY silly lol. coding is just a hobby but i love it!! i love expressing myself in webpages that can look howerver i want!!!! i love videogames too!! hehe!! and operating systems!! i like collecting littlest pet shop toys!!!! i like to make animations and being with my close friends!! i may be childish for my age BUT I DO NOT CARE!!!! my favorite fictional characters are fluttershy (MLP), hello kitty (sanrio), penny ling (LPS), springtrap (FNAF), and saloom (block 13) i also like cookie run and my favorite cookies are fig cookie, moonlight cookie and cotton cookie!!!(and white lily and pure vannila, i ship them X3

☆ FAQ ☆

Q: when/ how did you learn coding?

A: i started learning coding in 2023 and i learnt from w3schools

Q: Can you teach me how to do X thing?

A: nuh uh.

Q:Can i commision you?

A: yes! click here!

NOTE: my discord account is for commisions only!! only DM me if youre intrested in commisions otherwise id unfriend u.

Q: do you do art trades/requests?

A: no. theyre only for close friends.

Q: What are your pronouns?

A: you can call me by any pronouns i dont care.

Q: Whats your favorite pokemon?