commision status: closed

how to commision me: message me on my discord that will only be for commisions and tell me which kind of artpeice u want and then, i will send u my paypal linK!! ( prices are in CAD/USD only, i do not accept cashapp! or any other payment methods!) and when the payment is complete i will start working on it! also please send me a ref of witch character u want me to draw!! it must be clear and unshaded (art may take about 1 week depending on the detail) and no, the price wont change if u wanna add more characters! (the character limit is 6) ill send u wips anytime you would like!! just message me about it and i shall :3 (Do not use my commision art for commercial use. personal use such as profile pictures and banners are okay as long as you credit me )

I HAVE EVREY RIGHT TO REFUSE COMMISIONS. no refunds once i start on the sketch. all payments should fully convert to CAD. i will let you know if i havent recievef the full price.

i will draw:


furries, anthros, feral

fandom OCS

fanart for fandoms

chibi/anime style

small amounts of blood


i wont draw:

extreme gore


fetishy stuff


Xenophobia (racism, ablelism, ect)

Halfbody: 5 dollars
fullbody: 10 dollars
transparent: 2 dollars