hello!! welcome to my EPIC blog!! here write some incoherent ramblings!! new posts are at the top, old ones are at the bottom

moshi monsters movie!! + eid mubarak!!!

this blog post was written on June 17, 2024 on Monday

EID MUBARAK EVREYONEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i had so much fun yesterday, i love eid al adha, especially since theres bbq!!!! its the best part!!! we also had copcakes and chocolate!!! also it was gingerbraves birthday in cookie run hbd to him!!! (yes i giva a crap about birthdays for fictiobal characters come fight me bro) but today, i got to watch the moshi monsters movie on!!! awesome stuff :> i wasnt able to find it on my TV so i had to watch it online instead :/ but it was a very fun watch!! i dont like spoiling movies in blog posts so i will be very brief. u can go watch the movie yourself if yould like!! ok so, the movie was very fun!! i wasnt bored a single bit and some of the jokes actually made me laugh XD the music was epic too!! thats all im gonna say :> i give it a 8/10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! awesome stuff!! it feels very nostailgic even though this was my first time seeing it 0_0 i wish moshi monsters had its own show in the same love to watch something like that!! anyways...thats all i wanna say for now, its 9:55 PM for me right now and im feeling kinda tired...goodbye evreyone!!! stay swag!!


this blog post was written on June 11, 2024 on Tuesday

ok this day was boring, school was miserable so i asked my mom if i could go to the thrift store BUT I FORGOT I WAS GONNA DO ZUMBA TODAY...(the zumba was very fun ) so yeah also ive been reminded of my COMIC today. im still debating on whether i should post it to the internet or not, or atleast host it on my site but i dont know. basicly, its kindof like a garfield-escue thing where its just my ocs doing random things for the sake of it, so like theres no actual lore its just fun stuff!!!! and no, its not digital. its actually a physical thing and ive wanted to digitalize it. and yes, i talked about this before I KNOWW!!!its just that my english teacher has been talking about comics recently OK??? anyways not much pages were sure my book will be a short thing. also, i have new ocs if you guys havent noticed!! hansel, pixie, chester and jingles!! finnaly new members of the gang !!! >:DDD !! i hope you like them!!! honestly making pages for my ocs is tough but thats ok!!! X) annywas i was also playing moshi monsters and i got some new moshlings!! honestly im kinda obseesed with moshlings...THEY ARE TOO CUTE TO EXIST!!!!! i like sooki yaki and lady meowford!! and tingaling. ( im a sucker for cute kitty designs ) anyways im running out of things to ramble about so byee!!!

world otter day!!

this blog post was written on May 29, 2024 on wednesday

hey guys! so i wasnt gonna post today cuz i didnt really feel like it, and then i saw that some person posted about world otter day on 4chan....and I JUST REMEMBERED IT WAS WORLD OTTER DAY SO HAPPY OTTER DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love otters !!! theyre cute!! :3 i dunno what else to say as i wanst even gonna post anything today!! i was just being silly as usual...LOL anyways byeee!!!

Shadow plush is here!

this blog post was written on May 28, 2024 on tuesday

the shadow plush is complete and just look at him....what a cutie!! (i dont trust him 0_0) uh...hello evreyone!!! im back!! and right now im procrastinating because hard work is scary (LOL) you have probably noticed that 123guestbook (the guestbook service i was using) is shutting down!! holy moly...but dont worry at all!! im gonna find an alternative as soon as possible!! now, if you have any game requests i can surly make it!! (just pls someting nit a good coder..) and yes im running out of ideas for games already, bruh XD also i still need to work on art assets for my website, as im still planinhg on the new oc stuff. u guys are gonna love it!!!! i have watched the garfield movie, IT WAS AWESOME!!! but....i wont spoil as its still new heh (also even my dad loved it!!! )XD also i wonder if i could digitalize my comic ive been working on....and maybe have it on my site.... hmmmmmmm i wonderrrrrr........(yes i do own a printer so i can digitalize things LOL just saying) thats all i gotta say....idk what else to type here! have a good rest or your day! (or night) its 10:14PM for me at the time of writing this..OK BYEEE!!!!

Whats new to come...and what to expect!

this blog post was written on May 15, 2024 on Wednesday

hey hey hey!!!! whats up my lovley children? mimi here, back again with a brand new blog post!! i know i havent posted in a while..i gotta get back to the habit of writing these...heh. but heres what ive been up to!! i was working on pages for BRAND NEW characters!! 4 to be exact, heheh :3 ive also been working on making a shadow plushie aswell!! hes about 10% done at this point. i dont have a pic of him but i might take one when hes almost done!! now, heres what to expect from me: since this website is done (minus the links page) im just gonna add more content and thats it, nothing TOO crazy. so just expect new characters and games to play! im honestly not sure what other content to add to my website at the moment and i dont really think i need to lol! also, im gonna go watch the garfield movie soon!!! so yeh my next blog post may be about garfield LOLL i also might go to the dollar store today but idk what i might get... i dont wanna get candy as usual cuz thats BORING. anyways thanks for reading!! i will be back next time!! :3

yo! its been awhile!

this blog post was written on April 21, 2024 on Sunday

hey all!! mimi here!! ive been very busy with the revamped pages. how does it look? anyways, i was able to get the new 2024 littlest pet shop!! i got the divin divas pet pairs, and the tiki jungle playset. theyre so cute!!! my favs are def the wolf-cat and iguana and axolotl and jaguar :3 my mom found a dollhouse that looks really cool for cheap but it was dirty O_O once she cleans it she will give it to me!! and im very exited to play with it!!! as i still love to play with toys :3 also im on cookie run kingdom (im on the hollyberry server and my username is absolutedumpster) and on moshi monsiters rewritten! (my user is mimikitty49) ill try sending gifts on cookie run kingdom evreyday(or weekend). also if u send me a gift on moshi monsters ill send one back!! also i should be asleep cuz my mom told me to but i dont wanna. tommoroe is a pro d day meaning im not going to school tommorow but idk if i wanna update the site tommorow. i wanna redo the links page and instead of having resources i barley use,(cuz im making my own site assets now) i wanna link to pages i find fun!! people dont visit my site often anymore but id like to add new stuff in the future regardless. new games, new ocs, blah blah. maybe have printables too!! im not sure :P

Plushie and announcments

this blog post was written on march 13, 2024 on wedensday

hello guys this is a new blog post!!! i just wanted to say that i finished my plushie!!!!!! WOOOOOOTTT!!!!!! and shes so soft :3 incase youre stupid this is my oc mimi shes dumb. also its ramadan. and YES i am fasting this year, its very hard but worth it!!! theres always delicious food when its maghrib :3 also for the annoucments,,, im working on making a new oc and i MIGHT make more games if i get ideas. and if i make more plushies i will show them!!!!! im very proud of my plushie making skills :3

Happy leap day!

this blog post was written on febuary 29, 2024 on thursday

happy leap year evreyone!!! im not gonna do any major updates to this website just yet but i just wanted to say happy leap year :3 do be honest i totaly forgot that this year was going to be a leap year XD i hope evreybody has had a awesome day today X3

on a more serious note...

this week has been very stressful. fisrt of all, im dealing with art theives who keep reposting my art. second, my mom got upset at me. third, school is just stressing me out. but ill try to get through it all, ill try.. even if i get grounded, i guess i can work on my school project and my plushie...i guess?

what ive been up to...

this blog post was written on febuary 26, 2024 on Monday

hello!! long time no blog post!! im VERY close to finishing this website, finally!!! ive been working on homework, animations and PLUSHIES!!! yes im making plushies now! im currently making a plush of my oc, mimi but its not done heres a wip:

DONT WORRY!! she will have arms and legs soon :D this is just a work in progress!!!! ive been following a deviantart tutorial thats why it looks so good so far XD i already feel like a professional ! :P also i finished a 3 minute animation and a 3 minute PMV and they are both on my youtube channel go watch them!!!! my hands really hurt btw. honestly i dunno what else to say besides im hyperfixating on lps again XD and im also hyperfixating on smiling critters and FNAF for no reason

My whole plush collection!!!

this blog post was written on febuary 11, 2024 on sunday

nothing really happened today because i just woke up,, but ive been wanting to write a post about my whole ebtire plush collection for a while!!!

this ones a bunny that i got while i was at libya, she was 80 dinar :D

i got him from a store called miniso when i was 14 :) named him saku because his collar says "sakura" and fun fact, saku means briefcase in italian! XD

a giggles plush i got from ebay for eid in 2021 i believe, im not into happy tree friends anymore but its still an adorable plush and i will always love her :)

PIKACHU!!!!!!!! hes adorable. love him :) i got him from a tiny shop at the mall. SO CUTE! the shop sells candy, keychains and plushies!

my mom got me this penguin from miniso a while ago!!! he is sakus best friend and HE IS SO SOFT OMG

KITTTTYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i thik hes a beanie boo bootleg?

just a happy little sushi kitty from miniso :>

my cousin gave me this pink rabbit 1 year ago and she has another one but white :)

doreamon was my childhood so why not get a plushie of him?

luna from sailor moon ! i had her since i was 9-10 i believe I LOVE HER SO MUCH but she isnt very cuddly anymore.

really beat up hello kitty plush from when i was 7 or 8. shes now very loved :3

I HAVE TWO RILLAKUUMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! one of them is from libya, the other is from my local thrift shop

another plush i had since i was 9...not much to say besides SHES HAVING HAIR LOSS

my grandma gave me this yeeeaaaars ago but i dont remember how old i was

mimikyu!! i got him in 2019 i believe. he used to have a keychain but that fell off lol

my dad gave me this on my 9th birthday *sniff* shes a character from a show called yahoo and friends.


kitty i got recently :P my newest edition!! his name is pepper!


OMG. so . fluffy. ITS A HUGE WALMART BEAR!!!!!!

this is the only squismallow i own. im being serious.

so yeah thats my whole collection!!! and yes i have a passion in collecting plushies heh XD i will be making more blogs when i get more plushies!! goodbye evreyone for now!!

a very awesome day indeed!

this blog post was written on febuary 8, 2024 on thursday

hello!! youre probably wondering what ive been up to hehehehe......(JK NOBODY ACTUALLY CARES XD) but i had to stay home all day today because i am sick but ill probably get better tommorow. in the mean time ive been thinking up ideas for new games!! :3 also i got a kitty plushie...ITS SO CUTE!!!!! ive named him pepper...

LOOK AT HEEMMM!! isnt he just the cutest? i love him so much and he means the world to me and if anything bad happend to him i will kill evreybody on this planet including myself. WHAT A CUTIE PATOOTIE!! hes very soft and feels like a real kitty! also my dad just said to me that hes considering on getting me my own computer! HOW EXITING??? im thinking about using it for flash stuff and homework and other things.



this blog post was written on febuary 1, 2024 on thursday

OH EM GEE HELLO!O!!! todoy was a great day because me and my brothers made mug cakes together and it tasted so good!!! like a birthday cake X3 and i just ordered some sewing fabric and a new plushie online!!! it said its gonna come on the 9th so im exited and i could barley sleep for the past few days :> also im not all depressed and sad anymore WOOHOO. sometimes i still feel like an awful person but i mostly got over it. I GOTS A FRIEND! AT SCHOOL!!! YAY!!! and also........i got a TOYHOUSE ACCOUNT!!!!! CHECK IT OUT here! its still a work in progress but im gonna use it for adoptables and just for storing my ocs before i make pages for them on neocities :3 ive always hated toyhouse but secretly wanted it SO YEH!!!! u guys will get to have characters made by none other than me soon!!! IM SO HAPPU IM SO HAPPY IM SO HAPPYY!Y!YY!Y!Y!Y! IMS OS SHAPPY IM GOIMNG TO FLY im not even supposed to stay up this late its 11:27 PM rigjy now but tewhatever !!!!!!!!!!! egnore my bad spelling i have no enertgfy!!!!!!!!!! BUT I M STILL JAOOO HAPPUY

new fnaf stuff as of recent!

this blog post was written on January 24, 2024 on Wendsday

i know im kindof late to the party but A NEW FNAF GAME TRAILER JUST GOT LEAKED...its for the into the pit game and its based on the books..... heres the cover art:

COOL, RIGHT? all the graphics in it are gonna be pixel art WITCH IS SO FREALKING AWESOME MAN!! i heard this game was announced but i didnt know the whole trailer would be leaked because they litterally just made a new fnaf game like a month ago. also theres no official trailer released, the trailer got leaked by someone idk who..and idk how scott cawthon feels about this..hes probably dissapointed witch sucks. i didnt watch the full trailer yet but i saw short clips and screenshots of the game AND I REFUSE to watch the whole trailer till it gets an official release. dude remember when this litterally happened with the fnaf movie? man. speaking of the movie, i have heard that theres going to be a sequel in production WITCH IS EXITING!!! and i also heard theres going to be a DLC for help wanted 2. SO . EXITING. 2023 was the most insane year for fnaf, and i bet its going to be CRAZIER this year. i just know it.

i wish i had irl friends

this blog post was written on January 22, 2024 on Monday

!! this is kinda a vent !!

if only i wasnt a burden to evreyone around me then i would at least have a FEW friends but i friends at school X_X but the thing is, i dont like the people at my school, theyre all cringy 14-18 year olds who try and act like influencers 24/7, wear tons of makeup and use tiktok all the time and only like things that are mainstream. thats not my kind of people. i want friends who are weird and silly like me, and who like obscure things like me. but its just so hard finding friends irl though. i just want someone to hang out with all the time. being lonley sucks. maybe i dont have irl friends because people only view me as "quiet", "weird","cringe"or "insensitive or "selfish" but i dont wanna be seen this way. i dont even realize i bother people so much. i just want someone who understands me. thats it.

i hate being creative

this blog post was written on January 18, 2024 on Thursday

being creative SUCKS because i keep getting the best ideas ever for animations BUT I CANT DO IT ALL!!!! and evreytime i start working on an animation i get an idea for another one........GRRR I DONT WANNA OVERWORK MYSELF BUT HOW CAN I NOT???? also i keep getting new ideas for art and such but art already takes so much time to make UGH. anyways im almost finished this website witch is absolutley never imagine coming to this point XD im so hyped to get this done YOU DONT UNDERSTAND. also my fnaf addiction is getting worse and worse by the secomd i love fnaf so mcuch

i cant wait to start animating and drawing again when i get my ipad because my parents dont let me have my ipad on weekdays and its thurstay IS ALMOST DA WEEKEND babyy!!!!! im super exited !!!


this blog post was written on January 13, 2024 on Saturday

hello evreyone!! school just started and it SUCKS like usual......i couldnt work on animations or site assets but i will today!!! sorry gang.... im just feeling pretty drained today and i just need a break and my hands already hurt so much. not much really happened since the last post actually. ive been making lots of fnaf doodles CUZ OF COURSE its my main hyperfixation!!!!!! I LOVE FNAF AND ALL ITS GAMES!!!! im getting better at fnaf 2 actually :D withered foxy is really annoying and same goes for mangle THEY JUST WONT GO AWAY!!!!! they go away for a bit and then they come back LIKE DUDE WHY DO YOU ALWAYS COME BACK ARE YOU SECRETLY WILLIAM AFTON????? anywaysssss im still working on the fnaf animations i talked about earlier and yea

ALSO it was actually freezing cold outside it was negative 10 degress but it felt like negative 17 degress because of the wind...holy crap HOW COME IT DIDNT SNOW MUCH YET? it actually was snowing yesterday but it wasnt much and it stopped

My site's anneversary

this blog post was written on January 6, 2024 on Saturday

hello evreyone!! today is a veru very special day!! why? its MY WEBSITE'S BIRTHDAY!!! january 6 is my websites anneversiary!! its 1 years old today AND THATS SOO FRICKING EPIC!!! i dunno if i can do anything special today....... but just know its my sites birthday :3 1 YEAR IS INSANE!! i made this site when a few months after i just turned 15 AND YEAH !! it really dosent feel like 1 year... time flies.... ill probably ask my mom if i can bake a small little cake today :> and if i cant, then thats okay XD. makimg a neocities site was probably one of the best desicions ive ever done...i have always wanted a website...i always wanted a small place to keep my art and talk about life and evreything... IM JUST SO HAPPYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

annyway, im working on 2 projects! theyre both fnaf animations, an amv of the song "purple guy" by dagames, and a pmv of the song "final chapter" by adam hoek!! both of them are about halfway done and ive been working in them for a month now. im exited to get themdone hehe!!!

NEW year new me

this blog post was written on January 4, 2024 on Thursday

hello evreyone! long time no blog post, eh? ive decided to fully revamp this page and fix my old stupid grammar becasue it makes me cringe so much... anyways ITS THE NEW YEAR!! i still cannot even wrap my head arounf the fact that its still feels like 2023 somehow even though its not...anyway. ive been into fnaf for the past few weeks all because the movie came out back in october of 2023 and i finnaly got to watch it...even though the movie wasnt the best thing ive ever watched, it brought me back to my fnaf phase so fnaf is litterally all i wanna talk about at this point lol. also im not into 2000s animation memes anymore, i wanna branch out and make more 2017 styled animations since crappy mspaint sparkledogs dont make me happy anymore. its time for galaxy hoodies and fidget spinners BABY!!! also i feel like most of my friends dont like me anymore though and i felt horrible recently. my mental and physical heath have both been declining, and i just felt like a burden to evreyone. anyway, sorry about the vent there, on the bright side though! my dad got a ps5 for me and my brothers and it has minecraft, this weird lego game, GTA, spiderman,and other stuff!! i made a minecraft world and i spawned in a place that has lots of reviens and i already got iron! but i didnt cook it so i just have stone stuff for now XD i also got most of the fnaf games on my computer i was planying fnaf 3 and i kept getting jumpscared by springtrap and i cant even pass night 2!!!!!!! i swear i beat it once idk whats happening XD also my cousin beat fnaf 2!! how cool is that? and my mom and my siblings threw a party with ballons and cupcakes it was awesome ^_^ !!! thats all i wanted to say, yey!!!! 2023 has been a rough year, but at least i got to start off 2024 in a positive way :3 thanks if you made it this far, ill give another life update sooon!! peace!!

my plans

this blog post was written on Monday october 23rd, 2023.

hewwo guys!! im currently recovering from a burnout so idk whens the next big update's gonna be , but ive been thinking abt redisigning my site!! ive been thinkin about putting the navbar at the top, and then adding sub-categories that would show up on hover. idk if that would be too much, pls lemme know abt your opinion!!i want my site to be moar maximalist and cluttered baceuse i rlly like it idk why I FREAKING FREAKING LUV MAXIMALISM SMSSM HEHEHEHEH X3 anyyywayayay the burnout is from the amount of homework i had, but i finished it all so yah !! mai hands are really tired... i just started workin on an AMV yesterday!! maybe if i finish thatt ill have teh energy to make a website update X3 i wanna do pagedolls of my ocs for my oc's pages, and make tons of art for each of them and add them to my pages cuuzuzuz EPIC and then im gonna make headers for all my ocs mnnn ya its hard work i know!!! im getting tired while writing this alreaddy!! :( s....about the AMV...its gonna b inspired by one of bani the kittys videos, it will be AWESOME i already like how it looks!! i wont show any images of it tho.......its a suprise :3 i havent made a 4 -minuite AMV in forever,,, so im exited to get this done!! i think ive got 2 minuites completed for it so far,,:3 bani the kitty is one of my absolute BIGGEST inspirasions!! her old vids aer soo freakin awesome i wanna be like her... :D as well as kiya and kitten!! so yeah once i finish my AMV n stuff .....its coding time!!! idk what else to say i didnt draw in like a few days witch really sucks but i had homework souu yep i dint have the time to go annd draw at all, nor did i have any motivation to draw any way :( i feel like mai art isnt good at all.. anyways big changes may be comeing to my site sou always stay tuned, and alsways stay swag!!! X3

work work work work work work work.........and at school so yep!! ive finished all my work XD Genocide studies is really hard especially if you dont like genocide like me...(i dont like genocide) since im still a bit burnt out, i wanna take my time on stuff like website work X3n my AMV,, i guess illl get it done when my right hand stops hurting and btw,, im right handed :3


this blog post was written on October 15, 2023 on sunday

im currently bored out of my mind, idk wut to do, im too tireed rn.... also im sick and thats also nothing intresting even happend and i redrew my header drawing cuz the artstyle is outdated, its changed alot XD im more proud of how i drew skittles, the pink bunny, then mimi, i dont rlly like how i drew her XD i feel like it wuld be a good idea 2 put "personal art project and blog" on the header, just letting ppl know wut my sites about before they even start browsing it!! also the header drawin is like the first thimng anyone would see when they visit my site so yah

i feel like ever since ive left the scene aesthetic ppl havent been visiting my site, wich is fine i guess. i dont rlly care abt the views but this is just something ive noticed.. its funny tho XD cute pink stuff maeks me moar happy and thats all what matters!!! BUT ITS WIERD!! because more ppl have been following me, souuu yeah idk whats happening XD last time someone signed my guestbook wus back in september XD my site was moar hot pink lookin back then XD

anyways i wus watching the madoka magica movie, but i stopped halfway through and i COMPLETLEY FRORGOT ABIUT ITTT!!! :( ill go back and finish it like if i can :3 its already rlly goodd :33 GRRRRRR I FREAKING LOVE ANIME MOVIES I LUV ANIME I LIVE LAUGH LOVE ANIMEE!!!!!! oh ya!! ive added more songs 2 my music player :3 i hope you like em!! XD

ill try and get updates out as soon as possible,alsou i rlly gotta redo my button it looks liek cccrrraaapappp XD also its still got that scene vibe SO GOTTA FIX IT!! WOMP

anyways ja dats all what i wanted to talk about, even if i spent time writing dis im still borrreeedd BORDE BORD

wow....Lots has happend....

this blog post was written on October 13, 2023 on friday (FRIDAY 13!!! SO SPOOOKYYY!!!!)

alot has happend since i first wrote my blog post, eh? im not rlly into scene as much as i used to,,, ive revamped my whole site and i now like pastel pink aesthetics :3 ive now added a music player in my site and ive wanted to do it for a while,, NOW I DID!!!!!! illl be adding more songs soon!! i just gotta decide what songs 2 do :) i wont be addin any songs with lyrics because i feel like it would be waay too distracting for the viewer :3

ive been tryna stay positive these days :D ive been quite happy these past weeks!!! even tho its hard to stay positive in a world like dis... IM JUST RLLY RLLY HAPPPPYYYY!!!!!!! theres so much news abt the new lps coming out AND OH MY GOD THEY ARE ALREASY ADORABLE IM SJUST SO EXEITED HEDGWYDGDAKSJHBKJBUIWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I LUUUUBVVVVV LPS IM SO HWEJVWCKIHBAUOHWIW BAH HAPPY

im litterally so so happppuiii even tjo theres anoyyinhg loud ppl in my class there weird scerwo you GERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR sorry abou t my spellung mistakes im phaPPY!!!!!! i might just post a speedpaint as a new vid X3 yew will find out what it is....ITS A THING ME AND MY FRIENDS MADE UP BUT AAAAAA

as for my site again i will be makein SHRIIINES!!!!!!! ive not wanted to do shrines 4 a whileBUT NOWOOW I WANNNA!!!!!!!!!! X33 ill be makin one for south park first, since im kinndaaa hyperfixattting OOP!! ya X3 i luv the show its COMEDY GOLLLDL!!!(edit : i dont like south park anymore, IT SUCKS) ive also been watching madoka magica and i luv it soso much!!! i miggghht make a shrine for it but idk!!! i wanna watch the movie next cuz i just found out theres a movie (: !!! BTW I FREAKIN HATE KYUBEY GO DIE IN A HOLE YOU LOOSER BUTTHOLE!!!!!!! DUMB DUMB BUBBLE GUM BOOTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

a blog bost about my lps

sooo lps is like my biggest hyperfixation of all time i loved it for as long as i can remember !! im not jokimg XD

i just wanna make a blog post talking about my collection n stuff!!!!

heres my whole entire collection!! i know i took a pic of this at night XDD but yea!! i had a collection before buut i was little and stupid so i freaking DONATED MY OLD COLLECTION!!! WHY?????? and i had another collection but was lost during travel T_T so currently i have 80+ lps!!! its not rllly much tho... i stopped buying lps cuz prices were getting higher...liek i couldnt even get 1 lps withought paying a unnececary amout of moolah :(

heres my fave lps!!! the chinchilla is my top fav X3 the grey shorthair is authentic!!! sadly the great dane and brown shorthair are both fake :(

i dont really mind fakes, still kinda sad XD did i mention dat i have a few fakes besides those?? yepp! all the big fives ( exept for the collie with its mouth open, grey shorthair and fuzzy great dane) are fakes sadlllyyyy

right here are my DREAM LPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i want the chinchilla most ......i wanted her since i was 8 i think???? there was this store near me that sold old stuff and there was a lps section and it had G2 lps...and i saw that chinchilla in a pamflet and i wantet her ever since!! sadly that store shut down and they replaced it with walmart.. :( its sad but this stuff happens

i also have this bad boy XD its lps for the wii but i dont even own a wii. just have it cuz its lps!! it still works, because my cousins actually own a wiiu and ive played it!! its actually lots of fun X> its pretty much just a wii version of that one DS game that ccrtelivision played a while back, yknow, beach freinds XD

in conclution: i am weird