HEWWOOOOZZ!!!!!! welcome to mai site!!! :3 sorreh about deh mess i DROPPED MAI GLITTAH!!!!! >:( /j

basicly on dis site i do whatever dah hell i wanna even if its "cringe" (eww i h8 dat word) i wuv tacoz n burritoz and being A WEIRDOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!XDDDD

i also liek animatieng, art and CODIENG even if i suck at it!!! XD

feel free 2 explore wif deh navigation thingy at teh side!!!

hewwoz mimi here !!! thank chuz 4 viewing tish site!! :333 dis site ish still in early stages of develpment and layoutz will change all teh time!!! dis website means so much to meh and im glad ppl liek it!!! >:3

plz be nice in teh chat and remember....ALWAYZ STAY SWAGGER!!! :>