MAh lps collection n other stuff!!!!

a blog post abt mai lps!! !!!

sooo lps is liek mai biggest hyperfixation of all time i loved it for as long as i can remember !! im not jokimg XD

i just wanna maek a blog post talking about mai collection n stuff!!!!

herez mai whole entire collection!! i know i took a pic of dis at night XDD but yea!! i had a collection before buut i was little n stupid so i freaking DONATED MAI OLD COLLECTION!!! WHY?????? and i had another collection but wus lost during travel T_T sou currently i haz 80+ lps!!! its not rllly much tho... i stopped buying lps cuz prices were getting higher...liek i couldnt even get 1 lps withought paying a unnececary amout of moolah :(

herez mai fave lps!!! teh chinchilla is mai top fav X3 teh grey shorthair is authentic!!! sadly teh great dane n brown shorthair ish fake :(

i dun rlly mind fakez, still kinda sad XD did i mention dat i hav a few fakez besides those?? yepp! all teh big fives ( exept 4 teh collie wif its mouth open, grey shorthair n fuzzy great dane) r fakes sadlllyyyy

right here r mai DREAM LPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i want teh chinchilla da most ......i wanted her since i wus 5 i think???? there wus dis store near meh dat sold old stuff n there wus a lps section n it had G2 lps...and i saw dat chinchilla in a pamflet and i wantet her ever since!! sadly dat store shut down and they replaced it wif walmart.. :( its sad but dis stuff happens

i alsou haz dis bad boy XD its lps for teh wii but i dun even own a wii. just hav it cuz its lps!! now, i dun even knoe if it still workz, and i dunno wut teh game lookz liek...mai cousin haz a wii from 2010 ? but his TV no longer workz but hes gettin a new one hopefully ill prolly write a blog post abt it if he getz one!! alsou domt mind teh image ish flipped, i took it on mai OLLLLDDD macbook ill write abt it next sou don worryyy!! anyway dis game ish from 2009, rlyy epic :D i alsou haz a lps card game from G2 n a plushie of penny ling frum G3 and 2 lps houses 1 is small n teh other ish rlly big :D !!soo ya

in conclution: i am weird