basic info!

mimi, ADHD , minor, i luv 2 draw!! i go by any prounouns! mood: The current mood of domino_baconking at

mai kins...

fluttershy,derpy(my little pony) kenny (south park) kiara, (beyond the beyond) cinnamorol, (sanrio),gaz (invader zim), spinel (steven universe), sayori (doki doki litterature club), myuki (lucky star), saloom (block 13), mimikyu (pokemon).

hai im mimi X3

hai!! im mimi, im from libya and im teh webkitteh who coded dis site!! i have alota intrests but mai main intrest ish littlest pet shop i talk abt it all da time!! i alsou luv computers!! its a new intrest sou im rllt fixated haha i luv 2 draw in mai free time!!

i maed dis site cuz i wanted a place dat can truly represent me,carrd wus too plain for me, and evrey single free site builder is too plain aswell, sou i taught maiself how 2 code and maed dis site here !! it wus pretty hard...but worth it!! as u can tell i rlly luv pink n black heheh im a weirdo AND a nerd!! LOL!! im gud at procrastination and bad at gettin thingz done sou i may never ever finish dis site ITS FINE im havin fun!!

im pretty akward and mai socialization skillz suck plus im rlly hyperactive sou plz be patient wif me okey?? C: