dis ish mai uptadez log!!! here i write all teh updatez i maek to dis site!!!!

May 31, 2023

added moar emojis to teh chat!! :>

May 30, 2023

removed som graphicz, remade blogz paeg !! ^_^

May 25, 2023


May 24, 2023

remaed teh abt paeg!!!!!

May 22, 2023

minor updades on a few paegz.. created deh extraz paeg (still didnt put it on deh main navigation yet..) and new blog post

May 18, 2023

created teh updatez log!!!!

remaek teh shrines and about paeg (done but didnt finish deh shrines yet)

more blogz

finish sum oc paegs

finish art

go 2 sleeeppp....