i furst discoverd southpark A looong time agooo. liek i wus a literal 4 year old playing deh ps1 game wif mai bro XD i have never payed dat much attention until now i began rewatchienng it XD its pretty fine i guess, deres alota funneh parts doe, im not a huge fan of deh swaering but i just watch 4 funnies X3 also im still watching teh early episodes so dont beat meh up XDDDD

mai fave characterz r eiter kenny or butters X3 i also find cartman rlly funneh even doe hes a stoopid jerk looser XD

i dont watch all teh time,, but still a pretty gud show!! u might see sum fanart on mai DA X3 i draw it moar then u think lol i just dont post XD