"i am the pretty gardian who fights for love and for justice. i am sailor moon!!!"

sailor mooooon!!!!!!! i love sailor moon so much. i found out about it in 2016 i think. that was when i got a sailor moon plushie of luna! i used to do warrior cats roleplay with the plush and at the time i didnt know anything about the show, until i found the manga series in my school library and i read it!! its really good!! though i havent watched the anime at all :( i never got the chance to watch it ! i have been readig the manga for a while now and i really love it! i recently got a sailor moon shirt that im gonna wear for eid!! and its super cute :3 its weird how nobody knows the diffrence between usagi and sailor moon when they are litteraly the same person but diffrent clothes XD the weird logic kinda makes it better

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