de way i found out invader zim was actually cuz of animation memes!! at da time....the movie came out and ppl made animation memes of it and i watched dem!!! had no clue waht was even going on in da memes :/ but den i saw da movie on liek some bootleg streaming servise my family had and i watched it!!! THE MOVIE WAS LIEK EXTREEMLY GUD!!! and den i kinda forgot abt it later.. XD untile i actually watched de show like years later XD idk why it took meh so long to find out its a show lol but I DID!!!!!!!!!!! and i watched it on youtube cuz i have nothing else and i luv it so much!! sadley the show only g=has liek 2 seasons and evreytime i finish an episode i just feel like i wannna watch more XD i made gir outta perler beads but HIS EAR BROKE :( sad moment.... anyway my fave characters are gaz and gir becauz they just like me fr idk wat else i should write i just really liek this show... but just a tip.. DO NOT WATCH INVADER ZIM WHILE EATING i learnt da hard way :(

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