Sum Main info abt wuf :3

wuf clown fennec fox male

Moar info!!

wuf ish a clown fennec fox, he works alongside jozo da bozo!! hes his pet!! just liek jozo, he lieks 2 maek ppl laugh bai telling ppl jokes, but he does get a lil upset wen ppl dont laugh :C ! hes jozo's best frieennd!!! hes a little clumsy tho :( especially wen hes doin circus tricks n stuff!!! but da audience luvs it,since they think its rlly cute but wuf ish always ashamed of how clumsy he is :( wuf alsou isnt very gud at paying his fullest attention n always bumps into things XC hes such an ADHD-er XDDDD wuf isnt much of an interesting character due 2 him being no moar then a sidekick XD when i created wuf, i maed him out of pure boredom just cuz i wantet 2 have another clown oc XD he wus created 2 years ago :) i dunt remember wut wus goin on in mai head while designing him. teh yellow circles on his ears n tail n collar are bells, they maek a jingling sound evreytime he moves around!!! jozo da bozo has been takin care of him ever since he wus a small fox puppy :3 a few fun facts abt him, he hatez heights XC!!, he dosent liek being pet bai anyone unless its jozo, even if yew try to pet him , he might aswell just bite ur fingerz off :3 alsou HE LUVS BALLONZ!!!! he luvs dem but he will cry if dey pop :C poor guy...alsou his fave food ish cotton candy, though he gets addicted to it rlly easily XD SOU KEEP HIM AWAY FROM DAT COTTON CANDEH!! he will probs eat ur cotton candy if he findz out yew have sum...and den he will get mad at u cuz he thinks ur tryna hide it away from him XDD he haz a MASSIVE sweet tooth and he will eat anything and evreything sweet and sugareh!! alsou, hes extremly small, even smaller den mimi!!!! yknow, since hes a fennec fox, the smallest kind of foxes in DA WORLLLDDD@!!!!!

likes + dislikes

cotton candy, jozo da bozo, sweets,ballooonsss!!! da colour pink,


if u touch his tail >:C , getting his candy taken away, mean ppl !!!, idk rlly XD