Tokyo dog ageless tofu's brother Male

tokyo ish a really mean dog, especially 2 his little sister tofu. he wuld maek fun of her since she hasnt learnt how 2 fly yet, despite her age n alsou da fact tofu wus born wif wingz. tokyo thinks hes better dan evreyone else, witch in reality hes insecure abt himself n just wants 2 feel better abt himself. even tho tokyo's fur colour ish pink, he rlly hates da colour pink T_T .. his absolute number 1 best friend ever ish patches!!! they always hang out togetha!! even tho they r oposites, dey still liek eachother X3 !! tokyo wuld teach patches on "how to be cool" n obvoisly patches dosent understand a single word cuz hes a zombie, hes dumb!!! n yesh, tokyo thinks hes cool!! XD (he isnt) tokyo ish mean, insecure, Dominating , stubborn, arrogant, but hes alsou brave n confident!! X3 !! he isnt afraid to share his opinions, even if his opinions might b rude or inapropriate ...XD ! da kind of opinions one would keep to CAN and WILL kick u in teh butt !!!!! hes rlly sassy n he would insult u back if u try 2 insult him... he thinks he haz da right to boss evreyone around, (he DOSENT!!! )

his birthday ish March 5th!!


Anyone who likes him back.



Junk food

Acting "cool"



ppl who dislike him back


ppl who complain alot

the colour pink


his fave food ish mochi!! he had an old design, wich wus based off of mochi. but i scrapped it cuz it wus always too hard 2 draw, plus it didnt look good !!!

tokyo gets jealous easilly XC