about tofu!!

female child winged dog :)

tofu is just a little winged puppy who is the sister of tokyo :3 and the reason why tokyo dosent have wings but tofu does, is because wings here arent genetic sometimes someone is just born with it randomly :3 tofu is wayy too young so she dosent know how to fly yet (she is also extremley tiny) and always gets picked on by tokyo because hes rude :U . she has a super carefree personlaity and is always blissfully ignorant. mint is her best friend, they always hang out together all the time! she is impatient but positive all the damn time!! such a cutie :3


playing, having fun, mint, eating food, learning how to fly, being silly, chewing gum, candy, toys, being annoying towwards her big bro


she dislikes nothing :D