this is kitcat, shes a winged kitty, whos also glitters sister. kitcat is very self-centered, all she does is brag about how good her flying skills are, basicly making glitter jeleous cuz glitter cant fly. kitcat is very bratty and has anger problems, witch shes also friends with tokyo because they have lots in common...XD kitcat and glitter dont really like eachother that much, but they still care for eachother anyway since theyre siblings, even though they constantly fight and all XD kitcat is VERY picky aswell when it comes to evreything, she always wants things to be "100% perfect!" kitcat loves to be the one in charge in evrey situation.

kitcat is always the victim of glitters pranks and she HATES IT!! glitter and kitcat always have this sibling rivalry going on.

kitcat winged cat female ageless

being in charge


the wind

eating pudding

sleeping on top of clouds

hanging out with melon

clear skies



bad weather





Fun facts!

Shes my first oc! i have created her in 2017

the hearts on her forehead and chest can glow in the dark

The hearts on her forehead and chest are also gemstones! if they break then she will fricking die

She smells like razberries