juno rabbit clown male adult

juno is a silly little clown bunny man who loves to make jokes and laugh!!! he is close friends with wuf and will do anything to protect him :) he is also somewhat friends with shadow. he really really wants to be friends with vincent but vincent really just dosent even care he kinda just hates him lol. but he is infact friends with skittles cuz they are both bunniees!!!

he has a very joyful and whimsical personality, but whenever hes sad he gets EXTREMLEY dramatic and he is also extremley nerdy he can do calculus in his head by the way. whenever he is scared or anxious he covers his eyes with his ears :3


being goofy, making jokes, clowns, ballooons, queit music, his friends!,


rain, storms, horrible weather, horror, death, mean people.