Cotton candy

this is cottom candy but evreybody just calls her candy because its way faster. she is the most bestest friend with socks (and they are kindof inlove...probably) she is very affectionate, loving and sweet and she loves her friends especially socks. she is always with socks and she even gave him a bandana as a gift because it fits him perfectly. she also speaks in a reallly calm and soothing voice. also her fur actually feels like cotton candy but DO NOT EAT HER!!!!! shes not edible !!! also shes sensitive and has a short temper and if anyone DARES to hurt socks then she will come for you and she will find you....shes very defensive over her besties >_< shes also somewhat friends with mimi, they get along pretty well but they arent SUPER close. also shes friends with crannberry and tofu aswell!

about her

cotton candy female birthday is march 21 ageless cat


she always smells just like cotton candy!

she is very old and i made her in 2018 or 2017!!!

her blood is like strawberry sauce

she likes horror films!

she likes "childish" things like pluhsies and cartoons

her left side must ALWAYS be blue, and the right must ALWAYS be pink.

she has a bad habit of always chewing gum exessivly


to hang out with socks, being with her friends, eating candy, loudness, science,plushies, blankets, horror stuff, strawberries, gum, gummies, marshmellows, hot chocolate.


anyone who dares to be mean to her friends, arguments, fighting, screaming, dark chocolate, shadow ( he tried killing kitcat) when things arent organized, feeling dirty, water (shes a cat, cats dont like water XD)