charmy red panda clover enthusiast! female adult her birthday is january 26!

Charmy!!!! this is charmy, she's a red panda who likes gardening and she owns a flower shop!!! she loves clovers so much too and she eats them because they are edible apparently. she is also a vegetarian.and she is best friends with mimi as well! she's just a really chill one who hates it when people argue. she is sassy and carefree and childish :3 and sometimes she likes to be annoying and goofy :> she also likes the beach and chilling out with melon on the beach :3 her tail is so huge to the point that sometimes she trips on it when she walks and its embarrassing XDD she is easilly flattered too.... when she likes someone, or if someone likes her, she can act super clingy and get really attached to certan people. she also has a obsession with stuffed animals and has an entire collection!! she can be akward with social interaction and finds it difficult to keep friends.

clovers, flowers, her friends, the beach, the sun, fruits, stuffies, her whole stuffed animal collection ,the color pink and green, trolling people.


tripping, meat, violence, blood, any insect besides lady bugs (she likes lady bugs but nothing else!! GRR)