kittydog female ageless Birthday is March 13

Yumi (her full name is yumiko) is just a little sassy and carefree kittydog :3 she dosent pay attention to what she does at all because shes just like that lol XD she likes just chilling and doing nothing because she is lazy and stupid XDDDD shes allways passive agressive when she talks lol and she likes dark humor (just like me!) she also uses 2017-2018 slang when she talks and loves fidget spinners and dabbing. and when she hangs out with her friends she likes to get some mountain dew and doritos and MLG stuff like that (she is super MLG) and also has a closet of galaxy hoodies. she may be cringe, but she is happy!!! also she likes to go up to random people and ask them to sub to pewdiepie. and fun fact, she is inspired by my younger self since i grew up in the early to late 2010s


Being MLG, youtube, FNAF, fidget spinners, doritos, mountain dew, pepsi, dabbing, being like super weird ,being ignorant and happy, papas burgeria, her best friends!


party poopers, stale doritos.