vincent rabbit male age: ??? (adult) his birthday is december 10th

this is vincent!! hes a bunny who is extremley sphisticated...hes the most sophisticated person to ever exist! hes all classy and stylish too :3 he likes to pretend like hes nice to evreyone, but in reality, he hates almost evreyone cuz they arent as sophiticated as him lol. he is also friends with stardust!

he is skittles's step brother, meaning he was adopted!! since vincent dosent have parents.

hes kindaaa friends with shadow...kinda. (they basicly know of eachothers existince)

he likes to carry weapons with him all the time! he says its for "self defence"

Drinking tea

Weapons (guns, knives, ect)


Reading books

Classical music

Playing chess

Dirt, mud, ect

Heavy metal music


Midnight (she sucks)