my old blog posts!


hello guys!! im back to updating this website and GOOD news im feeling better! sort of... my current goal is to finish this website as fast as possible and im trying XD but my hands really hurt and i hate typing and coding for a really long time but i enjoy decorating pages and getting a result that looks okay at least :/ i just finished watching invader zim and im almost done watching season 3 of mlp!! three more seasons to go for mlp... woohoo. (just kidding i love the show ) im starting to become more motivated to draw aND finish animations and i love getting comments from ppl and responding to them and all that! X3 thats all i wanted to say!!! i will see you guys again in my next post.



this blog post is really rambly so im sorry for this is kind of going to build up what i said in the description of one of my recent animation memes and also im going to add more things. i just get so much axiety before i post a video, and not ONLy because of cringe culture but also my family members, i made the mistake of showing my yt to my family members because they cant stop begging for it also i was 11 when i showed them. i cant even draw blood in my art because they would think im messed up or depressed or something when im not. just because i drew some organs does tjat mean im depressed? if you say no, then i love you! if you say yes then youre probably someone in my family smh :/ and not only that, but if they saw me draw mlp or lps they would say things like "why do you still draw this stuff? GROW UP! you arent a little girl anymore." and its so annoying! and NOT ONLY in art!! also in clothes! heck i wanna dress either kawaii or scene and when i ask my mom she says its for babies so i have to stick with stupid generic tiktok lookin clothes that i hate >:( i do have clothes with cartoon characters on them but my parents say they wont buy them anymore :/ I CANT WAIT UNTILL SUMMER BREAK so i can get a job, have my own money and dress the way i want. i also wish i can get my family off my social media so i can be in peace. but they will probably ask why. and about the cringe culture thing, evreytime i try and ignore the people come back telling me why collecting childrens toys is stupid and cringe. i cant take it. i always have my intrests used against me in arguments, (ex. at least i dont like "insert fandom here"). its to the point were i cant even like anything and no matter how hard i try to hide it THEY ALWAYS FIND OUT. i cant keep any secrets anymore.i no longer have anything to hide. no privacy. i have a huge family. all of them use social media (even the babies witch is gonna be an entirley diffrent blog) there is no way that they cant find out especialy since i have no privacy in my house and my cousins house when i go there. i cant stand being with people all the time. they would stare at my screen and see my channel name. its just sad. i want at least one thing i can keep to myself.I WANT TO BE MYSELF. BYE! and i will see yall in my next blog post!!!!!!!